About Us

Born among the neon lights and bustle of Dubai, Man’oushe Street was inspired by the humble village homes of Lebanon where mothers would wake up early just to prepare freshly baked mana’eesh for their families. With a variety of toppings, this versatile flatbread is a staple of traditional Lebanese food, loved by everyone around the world. Delivering Middle Eastern flavors which conjure up nostalgic memories of family and home, Man’oushe Street offers a casual and comfortable dining experience for all.


Our Menu

Its essence - Our menu revolves around our ovens which are the heart and soul of our kitchens. Forming an essential part of the Man’oushe Street experience, customers are able to see and smell our baked delights as well as touch and taste them.


Its newness - While traditional dishes are always popular, regular diners want to be inspired by something new. With much attention paid to creating a balance between a sense of newness and consistent quality, we provide our customers with a diverse range of options to account for different tastes while also taking local and cultural considerations into account.


Its variety - In addition to the familiar and popular Lebanese manoushe, our ovens produce other baked delicacies such as crispy bureks and syrup soaked knafehs. Alternative options include brown and multi-cereals dough as well as wholesome salads.


Manoushe Street, authenticity at its tastiest.